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  • Whatsapp is a social media application that enables its users to communicate freely between themselves through the internet. Its an app with a size about 30MB that you need to download unto your phone and install to use. Unlike SMS messages, whatsapp has some features that allow you to regularly keep in touch with your friends who are also users of the app.
  • Some of the features thats present are the status stories, double tick feature, blue tick read receipt, location sharing, media sharing, group chats, unlimited texts between people , no limit to text characters in a single message and many more.
  • Limitless characters to use in a single message. Unlike some apps which only allow a maximum of 120 characters per message sent, here you can type beyond 120 characters in your message when you are chatting with someone. You can freely include emojis and smileys within your messages as you type in order to convey a more visual representation of what you are saying. This makes the person to easily be able to relate and not loose the humor or the emotions with which you type.
  • No charges and fees as you use the app. Whether its through yearly or biennially subscriptions or charges as you use the call feature and video calling feature. No charges are made. Its all done for free. It doesnt matter whether it an international call or video, its still free with the only charges incurred is the internet data cost you would normally incurr.
  • Status Stories are also another wonderful feature of whatsapp compared to other chat apps. You get to see what’s new in the lives of friends and even see what’s on their mind as they share quotes and tips from favorite authors and speakers, lyrics from songs they enjoy, general knowledge some of which may surprise you a lot. Sometimes you see even items you might have been searching for a long while to purchase only to be put up by a contact of yours for sale. Sometimes all it takes is an intriguing message posted on a status for a conversation to begin between old friends.
  • The double tick and blue tick feature is one of the best things about whatsapp. You get to know when a person reads your message, You also know when a contact of yours is deliberately ignoring your messages or has blocked you. These make it easy for you to know if someone has received a message or not. Especially in emergency situations where all other attempts to reach the person has failed and you send a message on whatsapp, if the person’s phone is active then the message is double ticks. From this you know they have received the message on their phone even if they have not read it yet.
  • Ability to do video calls and voice calls with friends and family contacts you have saved on your phone. This is especially good when its international and you don’t want to incur international charges from your calls. You can also join group chats or be invited into groups to participate. These are some of the few features that make it fun to use.

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