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This app is currently used by over one billion people worldwide.

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It is important to know that whatsapp is compatible with all devices, both android and iPhone. To enjoy the best experience on your latest iPhone we recommend that you update your iOS to the latest version. This application is not explicitly restricted when it comes to its use on unlocked devices. However over the last few years, phones which have been unlocked have seen some limitations in respect to its functionality. So whether you are an android user or iPhones then, this device is the best for you.

Currently over one billion people worldwide use this application. This application is basically meant to help people communicate in real time at minimal cost. Over the last decade the emergence of smartphones has made it possible for people to communicate using these applications. Facebook is another interactive website which allows people from all walks of life, meet and interact with each other at anytime. Previously if you anted to call a friend or a family member or even a loved one, the charges which will be incurred on this would be a lot. But now with the help of whatsapp, twitter, viber, telegram etc. communication among friends, family and even loved ones has become easier.

Restoring your data from google Drive backup: The google drive allows you to store information on a cloud service. This service works much like amazon cloud and other cloud services. This acts as a cheap storage device which is available to as soon as you log into your email. In order to access this stored information you need to use the same email address you logged into when your whatsapp application was active on your phone. After doing this you will get access to all your saved information, thus the images, videos and chats.

If you want to restore your data from your google drive, follow these steps: Uninstall and reinstall the application on your phone. If you have google play then install directly from google play as that is always the safest place too download from. However if you do not have google play then search the internet and download the whatsapp apk file. this file is directly available on the official whatsapp website.

Secondly after downloading the application, open and verify your phone number. Make sure that the phone number you use is an active number as whatsapp will send you a verification code in order for you to complete the process. The phone number you use in setting up this application will be the number everyone sees when you send a message.

After verifying your phone number, whatsapp will ask you whether you will like to restore your data from your cloud linked with your email. Do not be alarmed if this message does not appear. This only means the number or the email you are using doesn’t have any whatsapp backup data. This happens when its your first time using whatsapp. After seeing this notification, select restore and the system will go ahead to download all your information from the cloud service thus google drive. This process may take sometime depending on the amount of information you had when you last backed up your data. Finally after the completion of this process you will have access to all your past chats, images and videos as at the last backup.

New features and updates : if you are interested in making a group call, this process is now very easy. All you have to do is to select the icon with the phone and plus sign. After selecting this icon, it will link you directly to your phonebook where all your contacts have been stored. Remember, if you have not saved the phone number you cannot add that number to a group chat or call. This is because whatsapp syncs with your phonebook to provide you with a contact list. Currently a total of only phone different numbers can be added to a group call. However if a call started on either an android or iPhone device, the total number of additional contacts which may be added to the original call is eight, and that is including the fist two participants.

How to turn on WhatsApp dark mode
In 2020 a new dark mode theme was added to this app. Making it more fun to use and significantly more appealing to most uses. Over the years one of the criticisms of whatsapp is that there ae only a limited amount of themes available for users. For a brand and an app used by over a billion people globally this was seen as a limitation. last year the company decided to improve their user experience by adding these features and more emojis to make using this application more intuitive and fun. In addition to the functionality of this upgrade this upgrade also has medical implications. The dark mode theme has been optimized to combine colors which are gentle on the eye with those that are easy to read in places with low light set ups.

We recommend that you get this app and use it for at least 3 months. if it doesn’t meet your requirements there are others like Instagram, viber, twitter, Facebook and even telegram that you could try out. If you want to enable WhatsApp dark mode, all you have to do is make sure that your device is up to date. If you’re on an older version of Android, you can still use the theme but then in order to activate this mode you have to go through the app settings into the “Chats” menu. You then choose “Theme” and select “Dark”. It is rather Unfortunate but older versions of iOS don’t have a WhatsApp dark mode option enabled.

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